Thursday, December 22, 2011

R.J. Richter~Steiner Helle

Rudolph J. Richter was a knife producer in Solingen, Germany with many models and quite a large production. He also had a branch in the U.S. (Arlington 74 Mass.) that sold Helle, Brusletto, and other highly prized brands: Example- "Hallingen" (Brusletto), "Fjellkniven" (Helle). Richter distributed quality Itallian switchblades "picklocks" in the 1970's. Norwegian knives made by Helle Fabrikker are mostly fixed blade type with symmetrical handles, used lefty or righty or both ways. Marked "R.Murphy Co." who has been a knife maker since 1850 in Massachusetts and are currently still operating. Holmedal is the main factory. Stongfjorden is where Steinar Helle's son Odd had a automobile workshop (power plant 1963) "Stongfjord Staal that merged to begee S

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